Rivets, Rivnuts, Rivnut Tools, Rivets Australia, and Rivnut Tool for Sale

When purchasing or wanting to use Rivnuts or tools, you must first make sure you know what it is and how to use it. in Australia and where to find it on sale

It as a way to mechanically join two pieces of metal plates together and in a permanent nature which is quite similar results as in welding and adhesives and is extremely strong, and a rivnut is cheaper and because it is new in Australia you always find your local stores having it on sale.

The rivnut which is a low carbon-based cylindrical tube made of aluminum, copper, or monel because if weight issues are a factor at hand and are used a lot in rural areas of Australia or areas where electricity or power options are limited

It also has a bucked tail at one end, a body or shank, and a forged head on the other end which s used to fasten to separate materials like metals.

Being known as one of the most versatile fasteners because the smaller ones can be used on paper and wood and the larger on heavy metals, these rivets are known to be used to support tension loads on an axis that are parallel (through bolts and screws are better here) but is especially good for supporting shear weights and loads on many an axis that are perpendicular.

Please remember that just because the sale price is low doesn’t mean the quality is such.

Using rivuts

Using rivuts (also known as a blind rivet) is not everybody’s cup of tea as they each have their nuances and are not your normal rivet as are unique in each way and in Australia they come out with:

  • Threaded inserts
  • Nutsert
  • Rivnut
  • Internally-threaded
  • Tubular
  • Counterbored
  • But can be counterbored and driven just like any other blind rivet from one side.

They are all used the same as any other rivet by being inserted into a predrilled hole from the workpiece from one side.

Common uses, especially in aviation

  • The replacement of welded nuts
  • Inspection cover access hatches

One of the biggest advantages of using this form of attachment is that there is no hot welding needed so it is safe for fiberglass, metals, plastics, and other materials with no problems at all.

Two basic types of rivet nuts

  • One forming a bulge on the side the screw is tightened into its thread
  • The other gets drawn into the other side creating a connecting bridge when drawn into the sleeve.

And though these are the two basic types of rivet nuts there is a large selection of on the market and are known by many different names

  • Bling nuts
  • Blind rivet nut inserts
  • Riv float nuts
  • Threaded inserts
  • Eurostyle inserts
  • Molly jack nut inserts
  • And much more.

Because of these wide varieties, each manufacture will also have its own brands and tools unique to its own nomenclature for rivet nuts

At PQ Company we stock many of these as listed below

  • L-F-T-S-N
  • T-S-N
  • Nut-sert
  • Hex-sert
  • L.F. Hexsert
  • Square insert, and Euro insert
  • A-V-K: AL, AK, AH, AO Spin-wall Tecch Inserts
  • A T, AW Nut-serts
  • A R Bulbing Insertions
  • A S Studded Insert
  • RN Rivet-Nut Insert
  • Atlas Eng: AL, AK, AH, AO Spin-Tite Inserts
  • A-E-T, A-E-W Nut-serts
  • +Tite Bulb-Inserts
  • Max-Tite Rivet and Nut-Inserts & N A S Rivet-Nut Insert
  • A-E-S-S Stud-Inserts
  • Sherex Fast-Solutions
  • C-A-L, C-A-K, C-A-H, C-A-O Thinwall-Inserts
  • C-A-T, C-F-T C-A-W C-F-W Nut-insert
  • RIVET FLOAT Inserts
  • P&B Pre bulbed Bulb-Inserts
  • C-F-H, C-F–H-D Fullhex-Inserts
  • Dejond Hard Metric-Inserts
  • N A S Rivet & Nut-Inserts
  • Bollhoff-Rivut Nut Inserts
  • Rivnut & NvA S Riv-nut Inserts
  • Rivkle-Hard Metric Rivet & Nut-Inserts
  • Plus net Bulbed & Threaded-Inserts

As mentioned before these rivets and nuts are highly versatile

We have mentioned the aviation section before here are some other use

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Appliances
  • Office furniture
  • Solar installations
  • Playground equipment
  • Boats
  • Electronics
  • Hot tubs
  • Pools
  • Bicycles
  • And even military equipment

These are more useful than using the pesky self-tapping screws and or pressed inserts!!!

They are made out of brass, stainless steel, steel, and other materials that are not even affected by heat which makes t even more useful where welding cannot be considered like wood and plastic materials and or projects as the heat of the welding will make it impractical.

When you decide to use any of these nuts or invest please consider everything relating to the project

  • Location: if using or building inside or outside you must know which tools and equipment to use whether it is portable or you standard fixed facility equipment tools.
  • Materials to be used: once again depending on if inside or outside as well as what weights we are talking about for the final use of the product your materials, as well as tool and rivet type, will make a huge difference, most definitely.
  • The area in or on the location you will be working in: here because of the amounts of varieties available not only in the rivets, rivet tools, and materials but also the strengths involved in each depending on the use, you should always know which are you are working in and what must be used.
  • Expertise and use of the finished product: this all has to do with the person doing the job as per their expertise and knowledge they know the tools the rivets the materials and know exactly what exact and specific tool or rivet and material can and must be used for each job, as we have explained time and time again, there is such a wide variety for such a wide variety of jobs and end projects and products.
  • Lifespan expected for using the product: if you are using it for short-term projects that are for stages at will be broken down the next day or soon afterward, use cheap throwaway types of materials.
  • Also, these types of throwaways should always be biodegradable or reusable where they do not affect our communities and or the bio-footprint many buildings and instructional projects are now leaving behind especially when it comes to these overnight pop-up and breakdown events.

If you are considering a basic or even complicated DIY project as per your purse strings, speak to your local manufacturer and or dealer and they not only will give your the best advice if the project can be done as a DIY (and give you proper names of contractors if not) but if it can they will give your the best advice on the uses and precautions to make any DIY project a great success which is what anyone wants, in the end, no matter what the project or end product is.

So get out there and get your designs done and good luck on your project but remember one last tip: Research as much as possible!

One last thing to remember is the rivnut/rivnuts in Australia are widely used as per their demographics and the sale of it is growing daily.